Ishmeet Singh Music Institute (ISMI) is the first music institute of India that has its own auditorium, recording studio, digital library, ryaaz cabins along with modern multimedia class rooms- all under one roof. The uncompromising approach of ISMI has also brought in sound hardware from best sources in the world.

ISMI, in fact, is aware of the lack of accredited music training institutes especially in the northern region. It is, therefore, the zeal of ISMI – to cater to the need of the young music aspirants. This has resulted in creation of this well meaning music training institute loaded with requisite infrastructure and commitment to serve the music community. ISMI is committed to provide requisite infra-structure and befitting environment for productive grooming of the trainees. ISMI has now become the dream institute for all serious music aspirants.

ISMI shall endeavor to locate the talented youth to render most logical edutainment environment to its trainees. The training at ISMI is so designed that the trainees at ISMI shall be transformed into professionally groomed performers. This is because when it comes to the career of its trainees, ISMI means business.

ISMI shall also verily ensure that its recommended trainees get significant exposures for professional performances, as well. For this ISMI shall produce its own music reality shows in collaboration with TV Channels for the benefit of its valued trainees.

Dr Charan Kamal Singh