Ishmeet Singh Music Institute ISMI has been established by Government of Punjab in the year 2010 to commemorate the legendary singer Ishmeet Singh of Star Voice of India fame who met with an untimely demise at a tender of 19. Ishmeet Singh rose to the status of international super star and was an icon of the youth world over. His sudden death in mysterious circumstances left a void in the thoughts and minds of people world over. Mr. Parkash Singh Badal, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab, sensing the deep attachment of people with the little soul, dedicated a music institute in his name to make him immortal for the times to come.

Further, the government of Punjab nominated Dr Charan Kamal Singh, first uncle of Ishmeet Singh, a music director, composer and singer as well as the key mentor of the campaign that ensured the win of Ishmeet Singh in the tough contest, as the Director of the ISMI and life time member of the Governing Body of the Ishmeet Singh Society that runs the ISMI. With his know-how of transforming the unknown talent into stardom, it is expected that he would be the best choice to reciprocate the winning experience for other talented youth that need authentic grooming and appropriate patronage.

In addition, music maestros like Bhai Baldeep Singh of Naad Foundation, Pr Sukhwant Singh of Jawaddi Taksal, Prof Kartar Singh of Kirana Gharana, Prof Nivedita Kaur of Punjabi University have been associated in the formulation of the Governing Body of ISMI. Ishmeet Singh Society that runs ISMI has been registered under the Indian Societies Act (Act No.XXI of 1860).

Objectives Of ISMI :

  • To raise a befitting memorial in memory of Late S. Ishmeet Singh and to promote the message of peace, national integration, universal brotherhood and service to the mankind through his ideas and philosophy.
  • To run an institution where training is to be imparted to raw talent to make them learn and perform music and other trainings for competing with the candidates participating in the satellite channels for various awards.
  • To promote, develop, encourage, advance, the philosophy and vision developed by Late S. Ishmeet Singh
  • To support, exhibit and propagate music, art and culture.
  • To chalk out programme/activities for the promotion of music, art and culture on the thinking of Late S. Ishmeet Singh.
  • To institute awards to honour eminent persons in the field of art and culture in collaboration with the State Government.
  • To organize festivals, seminars and conferences, to promote music, art and culture.
  • To publish, print, exhibit and disburse literature in memory of Late S. Ishmeet Singh.
  • To make movies, documentaries, plays in memory of Late S. Ishmeet Singh
  • To establish music academies, art galleries, museums, music schools, colleges and training centers in memory of Late S. Ishmeet Singh.
  • To educate younger generation about the culture of other states by arranging cultural exchange programmes to different states of India and similarly conduct international cultural exchange tours abroad.
  • To do all such other acts and things either alone or in conjuction with other organizations or persons as the Society may consider necessary or conjuctive to the attainment of the objects of the Society.

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